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YinYang Fans

  • Sold Out !


  • Limited: 200 tickets


  • Deadline: June 14th

Group 10 ppl

  • Deadline: June 14th

Door 3 days

  • Deadline: June 16th


  • Deadline: June 14th

Door 1 day

  • Deadline: June 16th


YinYang Music Festival will start selling camping and hotel accommodation tickets the end of March.
We will offer:
1. Camping Spot
2. Camping Spot + Tent + Mattress + Sleeping Bag
3. Hotel inside Great Wall
4. Hotels in nearby village (5 minutes walking from festival entrance).

YinYang Music Festival will offer festival shuttle bus service from Beijing and Shanghai. Tickets and exact informations will be online end of March.

HuangYaGuan Great Wall, Tianjin
Location distance to Beijing city center: 90 kilometers.
Location distance to Tianjin city center: 110 kilometers.

1. Usage of drugs is strictly forbidden
2. The Great Wall is a national treasure, therefore treat the location with utmost respect
3. Visitors with rude behavior like fighting, destroying property, peeing in the open or aggressively bothering other guests will be removed from the festival location and hand over to the police and held financially responsible for their actions.
4. Camping inside the Great Wall is linked to the Great Wall Hotel. These camping grounds are not a party area and therefore guests are summoned to go to these areas after finishing party at the music stages and rest.
5. Help to keep the location clean by taking care of your own garbage
6. In case you see any problems please help solving it and look for security and festival working team to make them aware of the issue so they can solve it.

CHINA is in the Eastern Asian time zone (UTC+6, with a DST of UTC+7 from April to October).

The weather in the beginning of May is pretty variable, cold nights and warm days so pack accordingly.

The national currency is Chinese Remembi (RMB) and 1 euro equals around 7.7 RMB. More currency rates here:



Please contact us for more details about YYMF